Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving! Turkey and Photo Overload!

So okay THESE are the garish, tacky nightgowns I was talking about, you know, the ones my girls LOVE AND ADORE with their WHOLE HEARTS. =)  After being washed they came out soooo soft. From Kohl's, y'all, and totally worth the retina scarring I experience every time they wear them. =)

Flash forward to Thanksgiving! Carly made the placecards - I think they look like stylized turkeys...or feathered headdresses...pretty stinking cute. =)
THIS is what we did a great deal of the time - it was fabulous. We are all so thankful that MomMom and PopPop have a big basement. We took turns running around with the girls when they got too crazy upstairs and it was too cold and/or raining to go play outside.
Look closely! Snow!!!
Love them!!! Every time we're in Philly for Thanksgiving I get this picture...the bird keeps getting bigger! =)
Love HIM!!! Paul taught the girls how to play superheroes. Bree's version of the game, whoever she has always says "I'm a bad guy! But I'm NICE so don't hit me!" and then she swooshes the figurine around for a while and makes him dance like a ballerina ("dance-a-breena"). Carly just beats everyone up. =)
The table! We were 16 this year.

Hahahaha see what Bree's doing? She's obsessed with blowing out candles.
The wind-up...
OOH! Blocked!!!
That's right, I had seconds. And they were GREAT!
Mmmmm....beserk. That's right, I had pumpkin cheesecake AND pumpkin pie. Yummy! =)
Gigi, Auntie Lisa and my Carly girl.

We had the most beautiful Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. The meal, the company...everything!

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Kalyn said...

everything looked awesome in Philly!!! Maybe next year we can have a Turkey Day TOGETHER!!! OMG.... Martha FREAKING Stewart- WATCH OU!!!