Monday, November 29, 2010


Decorations!!! Paul is so sweet to me - I loved the inflatable Santas we saw on the way to his parents house and he surprised us with THIS giant 8-foot Frosty for our front yard! I am soooo happy with it! He's just so friendly and cheerful. =)
Paul almost broke his neck about six times hanging up our lights, for real. But thankfully we had a couple of little helpers running around tugging on wires and pushing the ladder. =) haha!
Silly goose pretending to eat our light-up snowflakes.

The finished product! This pic was taken with a flash...
And this one without...the indistinguishable group of red, white and green in the front is our cute little tree. Paul strung up lights on it...he does such a great job for us!!! Now I need to decide if I want to go ahead and put up the wreaths on the windows...what do you think?

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Kalyn said...

wreaths on the windows for sure!!! I love the lights they are cute!!! We FINALLY finished TGCD of 2010 last night. We ended up taking all the lights down and re stringing all new lights. LED white- and little red ones. My idea of course. :) Now we have a house that looks like Candy Cane Lane. :) I'll take pictures!!! :)

Oh, and I love that Paul is almost as tall as the Snowman. LOVE IT.