Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Liz

A while back a friend-of-a-friend blogger mentioned the term "Oversharey Mommy Blogger" in the context of, that was something she did NOT want to be. I'm pretty sure it was just because hello, there are enough of 'those' already. =) I thought it was awesome. It feels good to have a title. =)

Anyway, this was a funny day. Normally I like to think (pretend) that I have things pretty much together....but then I have a day like today when I just laugh at myself all day long and wonder why in the world I'm allowed out in public and around kitchen appliances without adult supervision.

SO, that being said, I'm going all OMB today for lessons learned:

1) I forgot it was payday and went to the PX - hello! It was a total mob scene, but hilarious because Bree would flutter her eyelashes and say hi to every Marine she saw. Then she would say "See you later Crocodile!" when we walked away. 

2) So I'm cleaning the carseats in the tub. I have two little helpers with me, meaning naturally the floor is covered in water and Castile soap which is has to be one of the slipperiest substances known to mankind. I slipped and landed with all my considerable body weight on my forearm. It brought tears to my eyes so of course when I glanced at my arm, it looked grotesquely swollen and I was sure it was broken. And again, being the dainty lady I clearly am, I blacked out a little, only because it was the most helpful and reasonable thing I could think to do at the moment. My arm is not broken thank goodness, and I'm happy to know that I have not suddenly because calm and undramatic in my old age. The kids are probably only slightly scarred for life.

3) Carly has a Thanksgiving field trip to a senior living center tomorrow. We're making coconut pies! I put some dried beans in the pie shells so they wouldn't get all puffy and deformed but I didn't think that oh maybe I should put down foil first so that the beans didn't embed themselves in the crust and oh yeah you're not supposed to leave them in there the whole time. So anyway we have crusts that are now fully cooked but there are dents in the bottom and the outside are sort of black. The inside has a bunch of sugar, like four eggs, coconut and cream so, really, the crust isn't that important.

4) I would love to tell you more stories but Carly is WAY overtired and keeps doing random terrible things to  Bree. It started with her stepping on her sister's toes on purpose (I saw, and also I am a big sister myself so I know how it works) before Carly even got in the front door from carpool and I just walked into Carly's room to find her bouncing a soft indoor ball of Bree's face and telling her to catch it! THAT is sort of funny and sort of heartbreaking depending on which kid you're thinking about at the time.

So that's it! OMB all the way. =)


The Warren Family said...

I'm an oversharer, kid or no kid. So I'm OMB (too funny) right there with ya. I think I may be the tmi queen. *sigh* poor kid

Daniel said...

Haha bouncing the ball off of her face?!