Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 235th Birthday, Marines!

I think this was the BIGGEST birthday ball we've attended. We laughed about the fact that it looked like we were in a repurposed warehouse. =) Paul and I were sitting with really fun people, so that helped a lot! Regardless we were only there for a little bit - still so nice to get all dressed up and fancy! =)
The pic is blurry - shocking - but you might recognize that brown shape on Paul's fork. Yes, it was a stink bug ON HIS FORK. Shortly after this photo was taken, he shook the bug off, stabbed it with the fork and threw the fork and skewered bug on the floor. High class, I tell you what.
Haha, my self-portrait skills need some work!
A little better but Paul still has a mouthful of undercooked roll.
He's still eating, so I just kept snapping photos making different faces.
Someone saved us from ourselves - thanks!
Our $75 dinner...six pounds of peppercorns to 4oz of steak. =) Poor Paul!
This is most of Paul's conference group. Their two intenational officers are Alban (in the back row) a French Marine Corps officer (I know! And he's single, ladies!) and then Mahesh on the far right, who is an Indian naval officer. Paul started calling him Max so now that's what everyone calls him. =)
Bree loves my shoes almost as much as I do! She was wearing them around this morning. =)

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