Friday, November 19, 2010

This Has Been A Crazy Week

And I am glad it is over.

I held a sweet baby, cleaned the house, did laundry, went on a field trip, taught a class, missed an event and a client meeting due to being totally lost not having a working GPS on two separate occasions, conducted said meeting over the phone, bought some Christmas and birthday gifts, menu planned and grocery shopped, advocated for a couple of wounded warriors to get the financial help they need, researched the SDP, made a dozen cupcakes, helped in art class, read a bunch of Harry Potter, met with another client for a budget, felt and got over being jealous of the all the people having babies right now, hung out with friends a couple of times, finished a book...

Anyway, my take home from this week is that being SuperMom is for the birds. =)  I like being busy, but y'all, that was "ridicleous." Tomorrow I'm taking my kiddos to the sculpture museum and garden in DC. I'm not driving so there is little chance I will get hopelessly lost for the third time this week. This will be good for my blood pressure, vocal chords, steering wheel and possibly for the health and well being of other local drivers. =)

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