Friday, October 01, 2010

One Lonely Dinner and a Very Busy Day

This is Tuesday? I forget. Anyway, it's sauteed spinach, sweet potato/acorn squash, salad with those hopeless roasted beets and feta and THE most amazing heirloom grape tomatoes EVER and this chicken-zucchini-tomato-eggplant thing I totally made up and my family actually ate. I had to post this because it's Paleo Michelle Flynn-style. She's my veggie friend who sends me articles and studies saying that even cavemen didn't eat meat at every meal, etc. She's a veggievangelist. =) So ANYWAY, this one's for you. =)
Okay and flash forward to today. This was one of those days where everything happened to happen on the same day. There were no emergencies and only one unplanned for happening (picking up our picnic lunch @ Harry O's instead of packing it due to a lack of almond butter), it was just a crazy day where way too many things happened to converge into one 15-hour period.
I was up REALLY early to go to my friend Steph's awesome 5am spin class. It was a GREAT ride so yay for that! Then *insert morning madness here* and then we went with Carly to her St. Francis Day In The Park field trip. The weather started off chilly and windy but ended up absolutely gorgeous and there were far fewer mud puddles than I expected, so that was good. Mass, however, was not so good. First Carly (I) got in trouble for her eating an apple. Then she FREAKED out when it was time for the monk to give her her blessing, so much so that we had to leave in the middle of the Eucharist so she could finish her crying and jumping around in relative peace. That was lovely. Bree got some grins from the monks and the priest when, after everyone sang the Lord's Prayer and it was totally silent, she started clapping and saying "YAY! Man inna dress, YAY!" That was awesome, actually.
So this is Carly and Sophia. I love the fourth grade boys on the row behind us.
We ate lunch, played on a cool playground and then took a great hike through the woods. There are fitness spots every so Carly is doing twice as many pullups as I can do. =)
Then some dolphins. Bree's protector, Isabella, was right there in case Bree fell off or needed help. So sweet!

My pictures got all weird! Anyway, it was a lovely day. Right after we were done, we took Carly down for her physical and both girls had to have a flu shot. We read some fun books after the shots while we were waiting for the nurse to finish the physical form. I asked Carly to make a face that showed how she felt about getting a shot, so she did and it was SO dramatic, it cracked her up. Then we went and got ice cream, ran by Target and then Bree broke it down while we were waiting for Carly's dance class to start. Then, finally, the last event of the day. Carly dressed for soccer on the way from dance. Miraculously, we were only 3 minutes late! Paul brought the snacks we were responsible for bringing tonight down to the game and met her there so I could take my napless baby home and get her in bed. =)


Our Family of Four said...

"yeah man in a dress" TOOO FUNNY! Your kids are a riot.

Ok and the food thing... hope I'm not a TOTAL pain in the a$$ and pushing my vegyism on my friends. Dinner looked yummy though! You can do veg and caveman all at the same time:o)

Our Family of Four said...

Oh and did you try the beets in a smoothie?