Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Morning Madness and a Big Adventure

The unthinkable happened and I managed to have Carly ready to go early. I know, it's totally shocking. Bree is actually fully dressed underneath Carly's inside-out nightgown. =)
But that child's HAIR...she pulls out ponies and clips half the time and ends up looking totally homeless. Carly had beautiful curls today, so I figured 1 for 2 wasn't the worst I could do.
Our one and only fall decoration, some pretty orange hardy mums on the front porch I got really cheap at the commissary a couple of weeks ago. They have lived up to the 'hardy' part of their name so far, so that's good. Let's hope they last a couple more months. =)
Bree, playing with her favorite toy on our fluffy clean rug (thanks to Steph and Tony who let me borrow their awesome steam cleaner) while I ironed our clothes. It was so much more fun to do that chore with her sitting by my feet singing songs.
Then! I wanted to go to the apple orchard, but Paul has a thing this afternoon (and I have a thing this evening) so we thought maybe driving way out into the country wasn't a great plan. We're going to go Saturday when we can just take our time. Instead, we got Carly from school at lunchtime and went to the Air and Space museum. Paul is home most of this week and we're taking full advantage of it. The girls really dug the cockpit and the planets.
Very strategic bag placement. No, not THAT, but it looks like it...not good. =(
After the awesome planet galleries (no pics came out, sorry), we went into the hands-on exhibit.
They had such a fun time with the exhibits! There were all kinds of lessons in there, about friction, force, air flow, gravity...so awesome. Of course, had we actually left the museum without going into that room we could have avoided the parking ticket we got BUT the $10 lot was full and we would have ended up paying about the same amount. So...annoying, but what can you do. At least we getting into the museum was free. =)
Carly flying a Cessna!
Paul and Bree are passed out. Carly is doing homework. I have a seminar tonight that I didn't get a sitter for because Paul didn't know about his mandatory social until today (figures)....but hello. I walked ACROSS THE STREET, knocked on the door and boom, three minutes later I have a babysitter for tonight. It's so easy, I want to pinch myself. I keep telling Paul that we have to live on base if we're still doing this thing when our kids are in highschool so they can pay for their own gadgets and school field trips. Sarah (my sitter) has the camera that I want, and iPhone and who knows what else, that the date nights and dentist appointments in our neighborhood are directly funding. =)


Our Family of Four said...

I love the way Carly is looking at Bree in the second picture. Total sisterly love!

I was gonna suggest some parking for ya but Mike told me it wouldn't work. We could do it because we lived on the hill and had a sticker for the 'hood. Bummer. But if you go to the mall to see monuments there is free parking at the tidal basin with no charge. Not too far a walk for the museums if Carly is willing. Oh and during the week there is almost always a spot... weekends are more of a challenge.

Sarah said...

Liz- I'm glad your camera is working again! I love all the new pics & it's always fun reading about all of your adventures.

Take care. =)

McCoyFamily said...

Carly looks so comfortable flying that plane!!! I can't believe how big Bree is getting. Such beautiful girls:)

McCoyFamily said...

The Mermaid chair is one of my favorite books:)

Kalyn said...

HI friend. Love you. Juat b.c I don't comment much, doens't meant I'm nor reading your bloggity. :) Just had to throw it out there. LYMY and post more- I love it. :)