Wednesday, September 08, 2010

You Can Catch More Flies...

ew, be thankful I DON'T have a working camera.

I put out a jar with a couple teaspoons of honey so that the gross hoardes of flies here wouldn't carry off my baby...and now there are no less than thirty dead ones in there. YUCK!

Now we're off to soccer! I usually delegate this to Paul because having Bree at sports practice has been the opposite of fun, for her and me for, um, as long as she's been alive. But he's not home because he's off learning some really complicated tactical strategies. It's just one of the many sacrifices I'm prepared to make for Our Freedom.

You're welcome, America. =)

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Morgan said...

Does honey work better than those horrid-smelling fly traps? We have bad flies here since it's a brand-new development, and we're waiting for the birds, lizards, and other bug-munchers to come back.