Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Progress

So my poor camera is in the shop. Let's hope that it costs less to repair than to replace. =)

Yesterday was the Heroes Run in Annapolis. The girls and I were supposed to do the 1 mile fun run but it was drizzly so we dropped Paul off, went and had lunch, played in a cool toy store and then picked him up. It wasn't exactly what we planned, but the important part was that he was there to support the cause. At the toy store, I decided what Santa is going to bring the girls and we found some amazing prices on Amazon so yay for getting some of that stuff done.

Bree just dumped out a box of crayons because she wanted to put a couple of barbies "in 'ere." The barbies didn't fit so she took their dresses off and tried again. They still didn't fit so she was moving on to another game, leaving all the crayons on the floor.

To make a long and very annoying story short, she refused to pick the crayons up then decided to put herself in time out again. I'm working on a few Operation Homefront things and she peeked out the door to see the crayons still on the floor...she comes over to me and told me (in her own language), "Mom, I'm going to time out now, you pick up the crayons so I can come out."

Anyway, we'll skip past more long and very annoying parts of the story, to the part where she ended up picking up the stupid crayons only to dump them right out again. And again....and again. =)

Now we're off to a meeting at Navy Relief, then Bree is going to Camp Geiger while I go teach a class in Alexandria. Wish me good traffic luck on the way home at 3pm!!! So far I've had unbelievably good luck and I'm hoping it continues! For confidentiality reasons I'll never really talk about my clients or anything except to say that people can make some reeeeaalllly stupid decisions sometimes. It can be super frustrating and hard not to just shake them.

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Our Family of Four said...

Fun - I love Annapolis! Too bad it rained on you though.

And Bree, ugh, reminds me of Maggie at her age only instead of crayons it was books. Every 5 min. she'd empty the shelf. Good thing they are so stinkin' cute!