Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guess What I Get to Do?

Lots of things, okay you ready?

1) I get to help teach art at Carly's school every Friday!!! I'm SO BACITED!!!

2) Before that each Friday, I get to teach Junior Achievement in her classroom and then have lunch with her! I'm taking full advantage of the fact that she is five and therefore not humiliated and/or mortified and/or totally opposed to me being at her school with her friends for three hours every single week. Every single week! Lucky mommy =)

3) Plan a Christmastime volunteer appreciation party for my Navy Relief work. I took on the role of Hospitality Chair because my being at Navy Relief and the Virginia Cooperative Extension and Operation Homefront all the time and working with clients is required by my fellowship. It was all feeling a little too expeditious, so I wanted to do something in all these hundreds of hours of 'volunteering' that didn't involve checking boxes or documenting hours. Lucky for me, all of my 'duties' as Hospitality Chair (how much do you love that title? Makes me want to put on a twinset and pearls.) are totally fun, like decorating the office, giving people birthday cards, planning monthly luncheons, stocking the kitchen and oh yeah throwing a totally awesome Christmas-time party to celebrate and honor our volunteers. Yay!

So...with visions of paint smocks and candy canes...we're still waiting for the camera. I know it's totally boring w/o photographic evidence. =)

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Our Family of Four said...

Okay so while your being marine wife of the year and super-mom at Carly's school where is Bree? Ooooh and that sounded judgemental but it's not I'm just curious where the little fisch is while you get to do all this cool stuff. You are waaaay more organized than I could ever hope to be!