Wednesday, August 04, 2010

We're Alive but I Can't Prove It =)

...with pictures that is. I just now got a charger for the one camera that will upload photos without shutting down the whole computer, so that is moving in the right direction.

Paul started EWS yesterday and has about a hundred pages of reading before tomorrow. He did have today off, which was nice, and I used his time wisely in hanging up curtains in the living room. The end stages of moving in do seem to take FOREVER, don't they? Please note at this time that my jealousy of those of you who get to hang up curtains and shelving once and never again, is at an all time high. =)

I started digging into my hundreds of practicum hours, which has been nice. I'm working one day a week at Navy Relief for now and will increase to two days later in the fall. There is a very nice home schooled high school girl who will be watching Bree on my Tuesdays. She's the oldest of five and her front door is maybe thirty yards away from my own, so I feel great about our arrangement. I'm in the middle of training to be a volunteer for Operation Homefront which is a great organization serving the youngest ranking military members and wounded warriors. I'll be doing that work from home and am really looking forward to getting started.

We've met a bunch of our neighbors and Carly is positively swimming in four and a half year old girlfriends. She's already made a Quantico Bestie and they've exchanged silly bands and Hannah Montana lip gloss rings - so sweet. Bree has her choice of wild monkeys (aka 2 year old boys) to play with. Our neighborhood is very small and is built more or less around an open grassy square. The pool and playground are about two blocks away.

We like our house so far! It is handicapped accessible, so the doors are wide and we got the cool side-by-side refrigerator. Carly picked out some decals for her walls which is helping her feel better about the fact that I'm not painting her walls purple. She must tell me every day that she does NOT like white walls. I tell her I feel the same way but we're only going to be here for a year. I should note at this point that Paul keeps saying it's nine months and that makes me crazy. His school is nine months, but Carly gets out of school a full six weeks after him which puts us at, oh what's that? Yes. A YEAR. I don't know if you can tell or not, but this has been a frequent topic of discussion in our house. =)

Anyway, that's about it for now. I have a friend coming in to visit tomorrow and I need to coordinate with her. Another friend of mine just had her first baby this morning and I'm so excited to meet that precious baby girl and congratulate her mom on being so amazing through everything.

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KKGhoffman said...

Oh My it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I had to look up to see if i could volunteer for Navy Relief after your post yesterday, sounds fun. But New orleans might be too far away :(

Your neighborhood sounds awesome!! miss you guys but glad to hear you are having a wonderful time.