Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not Dramatic or Anything....

Carly's new-ish thing is to say "it's not my favorite" when describing something she doesn't like. This was super cute at first, but now it's ALL the time. As in:

"Um, these shoes are not my favorite"
"Broccoli is not my favorite today"
"Going to bed is not my favorite"
"All these rules are NOT my favorite"
"Time out is NOT my favorite"

Etc, etc.

Today she tried something new and incorporated some hands on the hips (wonder where she got THAT, haha) and then stuck out her tongue at me. I'll let you imagine how well that went over. =)

So anyway, the whole point of my story is that this is our last night in the hotel (praise the LORD) and we had sauteed veggies and tuna salad for dinner. We literally have no other food, and after a month of being allowed to eat whatEVER, either for ease or out of deference to our many and varied hosts, my little chica is out of practice with her mean old parents' rule about eating what's put in front of you.

She goes, "This dinner is not my favorite. What else is there to eat?"
Um, nothing, dear.

So right now she's hilariously rolling around on the floor clutching her stomach telling us that she is so starving and hungry that she can't sit still and she will stop growing now and always be short and she'll never be able to drive or go to college because we NEVER feed her ANYTHING.


Jess said...

Isn't vacation time and moving just grand?

Our Family of Four said...

Hmmm, now where in the world could she have picked up the phrase "not my favorite"... let me think here... oh yeah that's right HER MOM!!! Dramatic yes, entertaining double yes. Never a dull moment with Carly and Bree around!

Steph said...

HAHAHA - that is so funny! "it's not my favorite" is one thing I say all the time that drives tony insane!!! HAHAA - he will ask me, "do you like (whatever)" - and if I like it but it isn't top of my list...i always say, "it's not my favorite." - never realized it was such a common phrase that came out of my mouth until he started pointing it out...so I guess you should keep Carly far away from me! HA!!! oh, and i love how she thinks she going to stay short and not be able to go to college...soo funny!!! :)