Sunday, August 29, 2010

Compulsion and a Funny Story

It is weird that I absolutely MUST make out our menu and grocery list for the week complete with recipe references by Sunday night no matter what. The what in this case being exhausted from driving 3.75 hours home (made super time!) from Philadelphia tonight. But it had to be done, and now it is, so I'll be able to sleep. Total nerd, I know. I wish I had this sort of compulsion about other things in my life, but I'll take what I can get. Maybe OCD is better in small doses. =)

Anyway, funny story.

We celebrated Grandpop Matkowsky (Paul's mom's dad) turning 91 today. He's awesome and I think he had a great time. I caught a couple of his cool war stories on tape today. I wish I would have caught the one that involved the stuff he did in combat, but I think the one about how he got through the gates of the base with two bottles of liquor in his pockets was cool enough. Wait till you hear it!

So there were sixteen people at dinner and that meant that the table was extra long and we were kind of far from the head of the table. Bree is two and is able to sit still for about fifteen minutes when there is food present and she is eating. After that she's done and she needs to go walk around and climb on things and/or people. SO, at this point she was sitting with PopPop twelve feet away from Paul, me and Carly, stuffing her face with meatballs and pasta. Someone asked Carly how old she was and Carly said "Five!" then Bree...from twelve feet away with a mouthful of pasta says, "I six!"

SO funny. Maybe you had to be there. =)

She was also cracking us up on the way home with one of her brand new baby dolls. She had stripped the poor doll naked as usual and was singing "Shaky-shaky the baboom" and wagging it around. Occasionally the doll would get a tiny bit carried away and go flying across the car. Fun times!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the other school at 12:30 and will be meeting with Ashurst too. We'll see how it goes!

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