Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can You Say "FINALLY"

We won't talk about how this is SO overdue.
Anyway, here's Carly with her first fish on her birthday fishing trip with Poppy!

So excited! With her cousin however many times removed. =)

This next part is sort of out of order! We went to Mobile, then Atlanta and THEN Grandad and Grandma Louise's house....but anyway...some girl talk with Great Grandma Louise.

Carly was giving out free tickets to the gun show with her patriotic tattoos on the Fourth. =)

Bree and Grandad!

Massage therapy

We had the girls in the same room which happened to mean that neither one of them slept at all for five Bree was in serious zombie-mode when we finally turned the TV on. But it also could have been because their TV is one of the 3D ones that has super-extra-HD-on-steroids.

Cooking with the Greats, right around the time that Bree began her stripping habit.

Sweet baby. It is just SO beautiful by their house.

Carly swam like a fish in the lake!

This is the sign by Grandad and Grandma Louise's neighborhood! Carly loved that their neighborhood had the same name as one of her friends from Baton Rouge. =)

Road trip picnic! I THINK, but I'm not sure, that this was on the way to Fayetville. All I know is that Carly was extra unhappy and everyone was staring at us because we were on the one little circle of grass in the middle of a random parking lot eating pulled pork sandwiches and canned oranges.

Much happier the next morning on a pit stop on the way to Quantico....I THINK...but I forgot since this was like six weeks ago.

Flashback. Also - the MOST hilarious picture ever. Not only is my grandmother force-feeding Bree chocolate syrup..but look at Carly's FACE. =)

Okay, now back to the out-of-order-ness. This is at the W hotel in Atlanta and Bree is enjoying her yogurt drink in the morning before we went to the Coke museum. We had the most amazing view.

We laughed because it was the most not-kid-appropriate hotel, but we were living it up with the cushy bathrobes on the swank lounging couch. I cropped out the barbies sunbathing on the coffee table.

Later, at the Coke museum. We let them taste WHATEVER they wanted. They were w-w-w-wired afterward but it was so fun!

It was so pretty outside! I guess a front had come through but it didn't break 80 all day! So lovely!!!

Oh, this again! Well, she really did enjoy that croissant.

So the real way it went was Grandad's, Fayetville (where I finally saw the new Twilight movie) and then to Quantico for Paul to check in.

I don't know what it is with my little kids and standing in windows, they love it.

It's a dance party in 321!

THANK THE LORD for the mini kitchen! This saved us from the horrible food in Q-town for the week we were there before we went up to Philly.

Hey, Philly! The girls had a great time but Carly is still catching up on her sleep. Here she was sad because of something...I can't remember. Bree was checking on her.

After eating our respective body weights in grilled chicken and sausage.

Then to the beach! Carly loves craft time with Aunt Diane!

Aunt Diane found storytime for us for the rainy morning...Bree made herself comfortable on the train table.

While Carly pretty much ran the story time. Sorry, y'all but Carly is used to interactive stories. If she needs to know something, she will ask, and will expect an answer. Do you love the pink-shirt lady's expression? Hilarious =)

The next day at our PERFECT beach day!!! Bree's face is hysterical here...she was so not into having her photo taken.

Playing in the waves!

Me and my little mermaid. We had SO much fun!

I loved watching these three playing in the ocean.

Uncle Mace was so sweet to Carly! She loves him =)

After our wonderful time at the beach, we went back to Philly for ten days, then came back to the good old Crossroads Inn for a few days before it was time to move in.

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