Sunday, August 15, 2010


I love this little french press! It makes great coffee =)

The girls have been having steel cut oatmeal because they think the regular kind is too slimy, with "banana hearts." It's just banana puree we made and froze last week because the girls prefer the lovely peaches this time of year and all our bananas were getting too polka dotty to eat. This way they get a little fruit, we don't have to add all that much honey and the meal-meal gets cooled down. Yes, I know, I'm a total genius. =)

We went to the park right after breakfast because rain was imminent and we are not a family that can sit inside all day long! We all go crazy.'s the 'hood. This is the view from my porch. You can see the grassy square in the center of our little neighborhood and the big white building is the community center. The pool and park are directly behind it.

This is a little better view, plus my kiddos running off down the sidewalk.

I would SAY that we don't normally hang out actually IN the street, but that would be a total lie. There is very little traffic (esp at 7:45 on Sunday morning) so we just meander. Bree loves the freedom, and I shouldn't be surprised that she spends a lot less time running for the asphalt when we're not freaking out because she's likely to be run over by a speeding frat boy's Mustang at any moment.

The playground is cute! I love that a) it's a three minute walk from my house and b) the forest provides such a beautiful backdrop.

On the way back home - how CUTE is our neighborhood? I love it! That's our one-story house at the back corner. We're across an alley from the main square and the open part of our house faces the alley where people park, so we have a view of the woods and tons of privacy. Click the photo - Carly got a super cute haircut yesterday. =)


Amanda said...

I'm totally going to make banana hearts now! And your neighborhood is lovely. It's so idyllic (is that spelling right?).

Our Family of Four said...

You ARE brilliant. Love the pureed banana ice cube idea! We gonna have to try that. Of course I don't have heart molds, sad. Glad you are off to a good start in Quantico!