Monday, July 26, 2010

Ramping up!

Paul likes wrapping things up and finishing them. He likes endings, filing the paperwork and all of that. It's his most favorite part.

Not me! I love getting started! I love filling up the calendar and cabinets, exploring new places, meeting new people. Lovelovelove. I love making plans and preparations. Truly, the first day of school might be my third or fourth favorite day of the entire year. So, obviously, this week is super awesome for me. I have to admit that the venti dark roast I had this morning is helping my enthusiasm level, but even without it, I'm having a super time.

Today the girls and I went to visit our new neighborhood and met some new friends. There is a bookclub in the neighborhood, and a bunco group (circle? What's the right word?) and I know there's a group of people who work out together in the morning. After three years of feeling like a fish out of water, it's nice to be back 'home.'

My big project for the year (after I shed this vacation Sumo Suit I've been wearing for the last couple of weeks) is to finish up my PFC certification. I knocked out a big project last weekend and am currently listening to a webinar. Gotta get those hours, baby! Next week, I'll start the orientation process with the Navy Relief Society. I was so excited to learn that they pay for childcare and travel! Yeehaw!

Paul and the girls are heading out to the pool next to our hotel and I will join them there the minute this webinar is over! Can't wait!

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Steph said...

i'm glad you are excited about being here...and i'm glad you are excited about your new neighborhood! welcome back to "home"!!! :)