Saturday, April 03, 2010

Mommy Needs a Nap

It's all much better this morning. =)

The girls and I got in around 2am last night. Hauling the trailer was fine, but it was slow going. On rougher roads, the trailer would sort of bounce, and pull on the car, so we went slowly going through cities and in some counties/parishes where road maintenance isn't the best. It added a couple of hours to the drive time, but it wasn't nearly as scary and terrifying as I had expected.

All the pulling the trailer did made a pretty rough ride for my girls though and since Bree couldn't sleep she ended up getting carsick and puking everyhwere when we were about 50 miles out, and again when we were about 8 miles was at that point that I called Paul, hysterical, telling him I needed his help. I'm not really one - at all - to flip out and start panicking and running around waving my hands in the air UNTIL it comes to barf and the potential for viral barf. That sends me straight into Helpless Female mode...but I was so thankful for Paul's patience. And bleach, just in case.

And VERY extremely thankful that Bree felt all better once we stopped moving. I can't even begin to tell you what it was like at maybe 1am when I had pulled over to clean and change Bree on the side of a bridge somewhere and Carly stirred and started crying that she didn't feel good. I left a party recently and disinfected everything in sight for the past week to avoid The Plague and I was SO upset that it might have cursed us despite all my best efforts.

The girls were both snuggled up and sleeping by about 3 but I didn't settle down until closer to 4.

Poor Paul had been planning to run a race this morning but due to getting no sleep (due to my panic attack freakout dragging him out of bed to wash the baby and help disinfect the carseat) he's home with us. All the girls are happy with this arrangement. =)

The girls were both up, bright and happy at 7am...but we will ALL be taking naps early today. =)

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Steph said...

i'm sooooo totally impressed with you!!! i'm don't like driving the boat from the river to the good on you for driving a trailer across state lines!!! :) Glad you made it home safe! :)