Sunday, April 04, 2010

Grammy and Poppy!!!

The girls were SO excited to see Grammy and Poppy on Friday morning at...where else?...Central Market! We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and lots conversation while the girls ran around.

Carly was so sweet! She RAN across the eating area to Poppy and then wiggled out of his arms to run to Grammy!

Bree, having learned that we clean every horizontal surface with a wipe of some kind, went straight to work on this little ledge.

The money spot! Right where we were two days earlier with Amanda, Amy and Allen!

This moment was brought to you by The Gun Show.

Okay, and? This is at dinner on the way home. I, Liz Fischer, am what's wrong with America's children. I turned the other way and turned back to see Bree EATING BUTTER out of the container? Did I stop her? Nope. I took a picture.

Road warriors. We made the first of three completely inappropriately public pit stops right there (behind the vehicle...), in case you were wondering.

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Steph said...

your gun show is VERY impressive!!! :)