Friday, April 02, 2010

And They're Off....again...

Hey! We just got back from having our painfully expensive hitch installed and I'm letting the girls finish watching Finding Nemo then we're going to go meet my parents to hang out. After lunch we're going back to U-Haul to pick up our trailer and then we're going to pick up this piano.

I'll just tell you right now that Paul is giddy with excitement. Not only at the prospect of spending a bunch of money on a piano that is worth not a whole lot more than what we're spening on transportation costs to an outside (ie: uninformed) person, but also about me driving 8 hours (or at all) with it attached to the back of my car and ALSO about the joy and wonder of having it in our house.

The piano originally belonged to my mom's grandmother, after whom I am sort of named. (...her parents named her Lizzie but she hated that so she went by Elizabeth and made my mom promise that no one would ever call me Lizzie.) My grandmother originally had an organ that my MawMaw wanted, so they traded. The piano has been in my grandmother's house since before I was born and it's really important to me, so I'm really happy that I have this opportunity to bring it with me.

Moving it all over the country is not the best thing in the world for it, but hey, after this I don't have to do the moving (thanks, TMO!) so maybe it's not the biggest deal. We'll see. There are other people in my family who are convinced that it is going to take up every spare inch of floor space in every single house that we might ever occupy and there might be a very real possibility that one of our children might have to sleep on top of it. =)

Okay, that's it! We'll touch base tomorrow when we can show off Penny in her new home.


Daniel said...

That's great you're going to take care of that piano; finally somebody can get it tuned!

Steph said...

i think it is fantastic that you will have such a keep sake!!! :)