Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Times =)

Nobody was happy about Beeda having to go back to work yesterday (including Beeda!), and we were all so excited when she broke out to come play at Amy's house with us the second she got out of school! The rest of the day we spent chilling with the Dantzlers, which was so fun. We ate and laughed and played with the chirren. The kids did amazingly well for being in eachother's faces for nine hours! It wasn't until an hour or so before we left that Simon was just over Bree taking all his stuff...he went back in the kitchen and shut the back door, saying "I'm going to shut this door now and YOU (pointing at Bree) can go home." It was so funny! He was back out three seconds later, but man, wouldn't it be great to be 2 and just be able to say exactly what you think?
This picture warms my heart. She's concentrating so hard. And wearing a blue plastic bunny ring from Beeda...every time Simon would squeak, Carly would insist that he was hungry so she could feed him. It was so sweet!

We made pizzas for the kids' lunch while Bree was napping! It was super fun for them. =)

There are so many of my very most favorite things in all the world in this photo....
Cooking with and for one of my very best friends, drinking Coke Zero, laughing until I can't breathe, holding a fresh baby who is snuggly and cozy in my arms....loved it! I have to admit that my vanity didn't want me to post this photo but there are so many OTHER great things about it. =)

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Steph said...

i hope to one day look like such a nature with a baby in my arms...i don't really see it happening...but a girl can wish, right?? :)