Friday, April 02, 2010

Dinner at Central Market

We scored a table right by the playground, which was awesome. Then, when I went inside to try and figure out what in the world the girls and I were going to have for dinner, Carly found Zane who instantly because her very best friend. They were inseparable for an they were playing SuperBaby! where they would go down the slide with supehero arms (think Heisman pose) and then at the bottom of the slide they'd cry and sometimes fall off the slide and cry and roll around on the ground. After that they had a dance contest on the stage set up for bands, and then then they sat and talked for a while and then they were playing Peter and the Wolf when it was time for Zane to go.

Meanwhile Bree ate this entire container of monkey cheese and half a container of fruit. =)

We love dinner here...even though CM doesn't smell the way it used to and I was shocked at how high the prices were for normal stuff...I shop at Whole Foods most of the time, y'all so me being shocked at prices is a rare thing. =) But the dinner was so, so good! We had everything from sushi, to twice-baked potatoes, to barbecue. I had the most amazing grilled veggies and these apricot bars...we love those! The company was the best part, though.
Carly dancing =)
Carly (and) Simon. Haha =) We're probably always going to think that's a funny joke.
It's coming up on our seventh friend-iversary! We cannot BELIEVE it.

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