Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fort Worth Zoo

She's such a ham. This is four seconds before she shoved a double handful of raisins into her mouth while we were dropping off Beeda's resume at a really super awesome school that we hope she gets to teach at next year.

My sugarplum enjoying her frozen yogurt in a tube - the joys of vacation food! (I would say something about how Michael Pollan would just die but wait until you see what I gave this poor defenseless child after lunch...)

The kiddos were so sweet together! I need to just tell you HOW AWESOME Carly was practically all day long. She distracted Simon from hating his stroller and then she pushed his stroller half the time...she was such a fabulous big sisterfriend; I couldn't have been more proud of her. =)
Bree doing what my girls LOVE to do at this age: ram strollers into the back of strangers' legs! Fun times!!!
Looking for that nor-shnor-shinshnosh. (Rhinocerous)
They were having a completely unintelligible conversation about the silverback gorillas.
This is the tenth of about twenty Beeda photos we tried to take...what's so funny about it is that Bree kept trying to escape, so I held my hand above my head and started waving it around to get her Carly, well you see what she's doing, and sweet Simon who knows you're not supposed to do THAT when you're taking a photo is wondering what the heck she's doing.
We used almost all of these in the process of de-nastying our eating surfaces. I love them!
Lunch at the zoo!
Ta-da! Borden ice cream sandwich! She loved it!
While Bree got this enormous rainbow popsicle...
...and ate every last bite.
In the farm exhibit, Carly was asking all sorts of questions about the calf there...she found out that she (the calf) was only here for a few months until her horns got too big and then she was going back to the ranch where she was born.
Beeda, herding the small ones. They really wanted to pet the goats, but the goats were more interested in sleeping in the this point in the day, Beeda, Amy and I were thinking that the goats had a great plan going.
John Simon Dantzler. He is SO STINKING CUTE!!!! I love his excited little face feeding the birds! Y'all those sticks are lik $1 each and so totally worth it. Simon and Carly had a blast!
Right after a birdie landed on her arm!
She was so bored while Carly did rock climbing that she just fell right asleep.

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Kalyn said...

your baby is growing up. I'm sorry. :( WHELP- you better get preggo again soon. DARN! :)