Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things We Planned To Do...

There was a long list, but weirdly, it somehow didn't include spending the money I had intended to use on a bunch of swanky knives for myself on a new refrigerator for someone else who will (please Jesus) buy our house.

We're keeping an eye on our lovely fridge today. This morning it was making this terrible noise - and NO it is not the same noise as when I left my cell phone on top, but thank you for reminding me haha - it's this whiny, horribly painful-sounding LOUD...coming from the part in the freezer where the cold air comes out. So we're going to see if the temperature stays stable and if it makes that NOISE again before rushing out to break my heart.

And since I know you are all six of you just dying to know what I decided in the cutlery department, I will tell you that I'm over the block. I was feeling constrained. I know it sounds sooo strange and out of my character that I'd want to make my OWN choices, right? Ha! It was actually a very liberating moment when I realized that those blocks aren't really the only way in the universe to have a kitchen full of fabulous knives.

SO, I'm going to get my hands on more brands (only 3 are available here) while I'm globe-trotting these next couple of months and do a little price comparison...I had really been looking forward to walking out of Williams-Sonoma with that big heavy bag...but that moment isn't worth not being perfectly pleased, and paying hundreds of dollars on pieces I don't need.

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