Thursday, March 04, 2010

Part 1 of 2 and Videos!

ICarly and her slept-in-rollers cloud of hair got ready extra early this morning so we could all go to the Thursday farmer's market together before school. It is on the way, and there are only maybe ten vendors, so it was a quick trip. We bought a leg of lamb, so it was an expensive trip, but a quick one. =) We also bought what is probably the most beautiful head of lettuce I've ever seen - it looks like something out of a storybook.

Here Bree is showing me her opinion of my photos at 8:23 in the morning. =)

Plan A was going to the park but I'm all colded out, even though it's not really THAT cold, and with the sun, it's actually kind of lovely outside. Fortunately my friend Michelle was down with Plan B which was playing at the mall, so we didn't have to go alone.

Brookston is a big boy, so he can jump off the bench! Bree said "Whoa!" when he took flight!

We were all bored about 10:30...but we toughed it out until 11 for lunch. =) Bree, letting me know she is d-o-n-e with the play area.

Lunch! Yep, there's a Fischer child eating french fries. She had fruit later. =)


...cute! I love that they have the same expressions! Little kid friends are so fun. =)

Cutie patootie with the remnants of another special treat.

Are these videos even showing up? On my page they are side-by-side, so weird. Anyway, the first one is Bree's new favorite can hear her asking for more "neenee-NEE-nah-NEE-nah" as Daddy dances her around. I know! Soooo sweet. The next one is Carly working on her math workbook - she loves these things and calls them her 'homework'! - and counting up the scale. You have to listen to it to see what I dad is a math guy and my mom is a music lady, neither of which I am any good at, so maybe those skills are something that skips a generation! Here's hoping! =)

Raise your hand if you had to sing the eight!


Steph said...

Bree = pure cuteness!!!

loved the videos! Carly has such a cute little voice!! (oh - and i love that she is a lefty, too!) :)

Kalyn said...

A) those videos are AWESOME
B) I love Carly's hair. It looked exactly like a cloud of curls! hehehe..
C) That is SUCH a cute photo of Bree and Brookston staring at each other!!!!
D) I Miss youuuuuuu