Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's the Bree Show!

Bree and I had a home day yesterday. I was folding laundry and she helped me...she gathered up all the socks and the snowflake blanket then brought me the pink one and asked for nigh-nigh. She snuggled up to watch Clifford. This picture (and the fact that she wanted to snuggle at 10am) probably goes a long way toward explaining our awful time at 10:30 story time at the library. It was so embarrassing...we had two things planned for this morning: a workout and the library. So I was in there with no makeup and leftover hair and sweat-ready workout clothes while everyone else looked normal...and my child was a wild beast. I think that's it for us and that particular storytime for a while - other kids could do it at 19 months, but apparently not Bree.

This morning! The girl LOVES some blueberries, and oh-weenges.

Haha - I turned the camera sideways so she tilted her little head.
This was this morning before we dropped Carly off at school and went to the YMCA where instead of the brutal workout I really want, I got an almost equally brutal shut-down by Miss Judy because our military membership renewed Paul but didn't renew me. The guy working the desk mouthed "I'm sorry!" from behind her - anyone else would have let me in, but Miss Judy don't play. So frustrating! So we ran to Target and did another little errand.

Which was this! Yay! We just went to the little quick place because I was only getting her wt bangs trimmed off and it seemed kind of crazy to go to the $20 kids' place for that. And yeah, Bree missed her mouth and I have photographic evidence. Poor baby. =)

She did not like the water!

But she DID like the blow dryer!

Ta-da! Because she did so well, she got a new flower bow at the bow store.

This is kind of a weird photo, but she looks SO MUCH like Carly in this photo!

See? This is Carly with her BFF Paisley at 19 months.

I feel like I can't tell you enough how awkward storytime was. I feel sorry for the people we knew there just because of them having to sit next to and be associated with us! I'm so sorry!!! I'm sure that blond lady on the second row had plenty to say afterward. Gah! What a terrible time. =(
On the way out, though, Bree made friends with the guy putting a new floor into the meeting room wing of the library. We hung out there for a few minutes until he had to open the door to cut the tile. I saw Bree's eyes just light up at the opportunity to dash in and explore all those fun shiny (sharp!) tools so I scooped her up and we came home.


KKGhoffman said...

OK I feel like i need an FB translation with you blog today.

Did you get to workout today?? Ms Judy is so funny she is so nice some times then she is is strict rule follower.

Bree does look like carly now :) And she was not too crazy today at storytime... you always leave once she starts to act up and no one cares :)

It was bad a couple weeks ago when the librarian had hinted to a mom two times to go to the other storytime and then she HAD to tell her to LEAVE. NOw that is BAD!!

Maria said...

She also looked SO much like Carly in the wet hair pic! I kinda missed the boat on kids who look alike. It's pretty cool that yours look so much alike!

Kalyn said...

AHHH!!!! I love that photos of the girls when they were babies!!!! :( ANd yes- Bree is looking MORE and MORE like Carly- I love it!!! :)