Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Amelia and Grady!

I didn't get photos of t-ball...but Carly did awesome at her first game. I was assistant coaching (stop laughing, please) which was so fun. Carly did great hitting the ball and not picking any flowers. =)
After that we headed out to Amelia's party. The weather was PERFECT. Bree spent most of the time stuffing her face, her favorite hobby. =) In these photos you will see two of the three outfits she had on at that party...

My little daredevil! Carly had so much fun jumping around, too!

Modeling outfit #3, hanging out with Miss Jessica and her family.
Then we headed out to Grady's party at the Little Gym. The girls had an awesome time even though I was halfway comatose. Bree is modeling outfit #5 for the day...and her hair. Drove me crazy - but at least her clothes were clean. =)
I need a GREAT caption! Aaaaand GO.

Bubblehead with crazy eyes. =)

Tragedy and sorrow when Mommy won't let her play in the water fountain. She was quickly distracted by Mr. Brady helping her do flips over the bar...or was that Mr. Jared? I can't remember. One of them was throwing Bree way up in the air and the other one was doing flips over the bar. That was when she wasn't taking the gym guy by the hand and making him walk her back and forth on the balance beam. =)

Carly still hasn't stopped talking about these cupcakes. She loved the color! =)

While Grady was opening his presents, Carly and Bree were a horrible influence on the normally perfectly -behaved Brookston. They ran laps around the waiting area, laughing like maniacs the whole time.'s 6:07. Bree is asleep in bed and Carly is having very long blinks. =) Paul and I have a date tonight, so I'm going to try and rest a little so I can keep my eyes open during dinner. Tomorrow we're going to New Iberia to hunt eggs with Auntie Sarah, Uncle Dennis and Lilly and Joey! We are so excited!


Daniel said...

Happy Easter Liz!

KKGhoffman said...

we are glad yall could make it.. check out this picture of carly.


Steph said...

that seems like a super fun day!!! i love the picture of bree modeling outfit #3!! :)