Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Party and Prep

So my keys were locked in the car and the house was *perfect* for a showing. We went outside because having them run around and get all smelly was far preferable to having them inside and me hovering, picking up everything as it was put down, fluffing fluffy pillows, dusting dustless know things I do ALL the time anyway. Haha! =)

Carly and Jane! They're in separate classes are the only two kids in the whole school who were sad when the two Early Childhood classrooms began taking recess at different times. I love sweet friends. =)

The party was at Corey and Quinn's house and HOW COOL is this kayak swing?

Bree spent most of the morning eating fruit. That didn't work out for us later on in the day...I mean, it worked OUT, if you know what I mean...what a mess.

Raddest play house ever got a paint facelift - it's just SO COOL! Bree loved it!

Awww...Carly and Avery playing drive-through shoe store. =)

And then yesterday afternoon, after we went to the grocery store, I fixed up all of Paul's meals for while we're gone. It's not that he can't cook for himself as much as it is that he doesn't CLEAN UP after himself and I need the house to stay more or less clean while we're gone in case there is a showing. Also, it was totally fun, but after spending six hours in the kitchen I was happy to get out of it. The best part of everything is that he now has chili, a roast with veggies and a roasted chicken to get him through the week.
Now to get Carly to EAT her breakfast and stop messing around. She just got up for the fifth time to wash her hands and I fussed at her...on the way back to her seat she was whispering "Ohhhh WHY is it so hard." Which I guess maybe she's heard once or twice from an impatient mama...haha. Oops!

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Steph said...

hahaha - love that you used the word "rad" in your blog!!! :)