Monday, March 29, 2010

And They're OFF!

We had the best time at Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dennis' church Easter picnic. I have great photos including the one where Carly won the Easter bonnet contest and hilarious ones of me and my 12-year old second cousin Lilly totally smoking the three-legged race.

This morning we're headed to Fort Worth! I'm SO excited for this trip! I've been friends with Amy and Amanda since 2002, and it is so good for my heart to see them. =) Carly can't stop talking about Beeda and all the fun they've had in the past and all the fun things they're going to do this week. She wants to know all about Amy's kids and whether Miss Amy really makes a cake out of raw meat.*

The car is all packed up and de-funked. It was smelling pretty musty and gross yesterday and I discovered the source was a two-week old chocolate milk spill underneath Bree's carseat. We need to get one of those pet pads for the backseat, I swear. I used a bunch of Resolve and then sprinkled a bunch of baking soda on the funk, so hopefully that horrible smell will be gone.

Both girls are awake now and both are talking to me. Carly is like, Hey mom I know cowboys and cowgirls in Texas have horses. And they have real horses that they RIDE ON THEM, but it's okay if you can drive there, only if you don't have a horse that is real and BREAVES with his mouth. Or we could take a lotta airplanes...etc etc etc

And Bree is like, DADDYDOME! Ohhhh Daddy wohk. Daddy DOME! Daddy wohk. Back and forth..and now she's jumping around and asking for a snack. =)

*I've told you the raw meat cake story before, but for those of you who didn't hear it already: back in early 2003 we were at this potluck dinner/game night with our enormous Sunday School class. Amy has this delicious strawberry cake for which she was's so good, y'all. Anyway, when you cut it open, it's really crumbly and being strawberry cake, it's also bright pink. Allen, her now-husband came walking into the room where we all were and pointed to the cake and said, "What's that, raw meat?" Amy told him it was the cake she brought and he turned right around and ate some...then got up and had a second serving. It was so cute....esp since they weren't dating yet! Love that story. =)

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Steph said...

YAY! I hope you girls have a blast this week!! Have a super safe trip!! :)