Friday, March 26, 2010

From What I Can Tell....

So we had our first official showing this morning!

The one last night where the people just sort of rolled up at 8pm doesn't count. We let them see the house because a) we didn't know any better and b) we would like to sell our house and we figure the more people who see it, the more likely it is that the perfect buyer will gobble it up. Truly, it's a steal for four bedrooms and a fence.

I knew the realtor had been here because I smelled Chanel 5 and all of our lights were on. I'd left all the interior doors shut, and they were's sort of weird thinking of strangers walking around my house and poking in the closets. I hope they appreciated that all our clothes were ironed and hung up neatly...for some reason that was a huge priority to me last night.

Normally I'd want everyone to feel sorry for Paul because he had to put up with me stressing out, but he spent most of the night watching basketball. He did lay out the new mulch in the flowerbeds by the front door, paint for ten minutes and distribute a load of laundry, and I think we should give credit where credit is due. =) =) =) Parents of young children will understand when I tell you how late I was up (2am) trying to get the entire house spotless at the same's physically impossible to do when the kiddos are awake unless you just don't interact with them at all, or feed them, or change diapers...haha. Some people CAN manage to do that and still be good parents, it's just not in my skill set.

This morning we went to an Easter party and we're ALL ready for naps. Cute pics later!

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