Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What's Going On

Mommy: made Rice Krispies Treats, straightened the same mess five times, attempted to push fluids on Carly, attempted to exercise with Bree hanging all over me =), attempted to charge the camera
Daddy: work
Carly: successfully avoided fluids, learned to cut hearts out of construction paper, took yucky medicine like a champ
Bree: ate her body weight in oatmeal and ohm-eenges, fell headfirst between the couch and window and came up laughing

Mommy: making mini sugar cookies for a sprinkle tonight
Daddy: work
Carly: making Valentine's Day cards for our family and tattling every ten seconds
Bree: laughing at Clifford and antagonizing Carly

To Do
Mommy: exercise without anyone hanging from my arms and legs, make a table cloth, maybe sit down (I'm standing b/c Bree's in the chair), set up for the sprinkle tonight
Daddy: come home early from work, fix Mommy's camera
Carly: drink something!!!!, sleep, get better
Bree: sleep, probably attempt some more furniture gymnastics

1 comment:

Steph said...

i can't wait to meet Bree...she sounds like SO MUCH fun!!! :)