Monday, February 08, 2010


Carly has the beginnings of pneumonia in her left lung but we've got Zithromax and doctor's orders to drink lots of fluids and watch princess movies so she's going to be fine. She hasn't run a fever yet, even though she does feel warm to the touch and Carly thought it was the coolest thing when she got to see all her insides on the X-ray picture. Our pediatrician even showed Carly an air bubble in her stomach and said it was a burp! Oh man, Carly loved that.

Bree is doing fine - her ear infection only caused a fever one day and she's back to climbing on everything and eating as much as Paul. She had three eggs and an orange this morning! While I was cutting them up - btw CaraCara oranges are on sale at Whole Foods and they're amazing - Bree was yelling "ahn-gee, ahn-gee!" and running around in circles. =)

Both girls did GREAT at the Superbowl party last night. Bree went to sleep at 6:30 which made my night much more relaxing, and Carly just hung out drinking Abita root beer (after confirming with me and Paul that it was, in fact, for kids) and watching her portable DVD player aka Best Purchase Ever. We brought our new favorite beer, Maredsous, and a black and gold king cake from I'll let you guess where...but they're the best!

Anyway, my camera and I are having differences of opinion about charging. I think when I plug it in it should charge the battery but apparently the camera has other plans. So we'll have to wait a while to show you the girls' Mardi Gras dresses. What's funny is that when I see these dresses in the store they look so cute but they're not half as cute when I make them myself, even though they look exactly the same. I don't know what that's about, but I hope to figure it out soon.

Hope y'all are having a great week!

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