Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Sweet He Is

Our playgroup celebrated its newest addition last night - this is one month old Patrick and his mama Megan. Patrick's first two weeks were spent hanging out in the hospital fighting jaundice and then RSV. He's perfectly healthy now, though, so it was a perfect time for a party!

This little banner said "How sweet it is"

We had banana cupcakes with cinnamon honey icing, rice krispie treats, pound cake, chocolate covered pretzels and Jordan almonds, sugar crackers, mini sugar cookies with almond glaze and these funny meringues I overcooked (but they were still good!) This photo was taken before Katherine arrived with her AMAZING Italian Cream cake - that was by far the best part of our dessert buffet.

Our resident applique-er, Kim, put together this gift pack for Patrick. Between the tie on the bib and the baby boxers...I can't decide which one I love the most!

Our favors were bath bombs in three scents - lavender, spearmint and lavender/eucalyptus. Michelle and I made them together - they were so easy and totally fun!
** We're at home again today because Carly had a hard time going to bed for Daddy last night when I was at the party. I thought she might still be sick but judging from how insane she is right now, I'm pretty sure she is FINE. She does still have a yucky cough that I'm hoping will clear up so I will feel good sending her to school tomorrow. It's freezing cold outside - like everywhere else - so we might have to go run circles around the mall or even the kind of gross indoor playground just to burn off some energy. Bree keeps walking to the door and saying "bye bye?" with this hopeful face. Poor little chickie. =) **

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Kalyn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shower and everything you and Katherine did for it. I would be honored to have such a beautiful party like that!!! Congrats to the Mommy!!!!