Monday, February 22, 2010

The Whale Dress and Super Saturday

My daughters both discovered eyelash curlers at 18 months. This is Carly right after we moved into the 'big' house on Camp Pendleton wearing this little dress for the first and last time because she grew out of it so fast!
And here it is on Bree...gosh I love these little dresses.

So sweet, with her mo-me. (juice!)

Bree spent half the time crawling up this sidewalk and dancing across a little bridge...and the other half of the time playing on one of the two play structures at this fabulous park. It's in the most beautiful where I had to present the birthday invitation and my driver's license to get through the gates.

Proof that Carly was at the party, too...we saw her exactly twice. This was a three-sibling party and they had a giant bouncy, Bubbles the clown doing face painting and then Cinderella showed up to paint nails and give out sticker earrings. Both girls had a GREAT time, as you can see by Carly's destroyed ponytails and huge smile. (Note: this was before she fell in the parking lot. After that point, there were no more smiles, only lots and lots of crying.)

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Kalyn said...

OMG- I LOVE the dress comparison photos!!!!! I so hope I get to do that... if it's a boy- then I'll even put him in an outfit or two- just for pictures :)