Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Heart Sunshine

It is the most beautiful day today.

My children hated every minute of the farmer's market this morning, which was a shame because I got some great bargains on produce and would have really enjoyed the trip minus all the whining. We were stuck behind a race for half an hour before we got there which probably contributed to them being so cranky. I know for sure that delay was the reason we were too late for strawberries or chickens. They have the BEST chickens there but you cannot arrive at 9:30 and expect to get one.

So now we're off to do a few more things before Carly's birthday party this afternoon. Someone is crying...I don't know times!

Edited to add: "a few more things" turned into a big bag full of Old Navy cuteness for Carly. Toward the end of each season, she's either outgrown or stained most of her cute clothes and I just get sick, sick, sick of her walking around looking like nobody is taking care of her. Today she was wearing ribbed velour leggings, an athletic-looking navy blue skort and a heavy cable-knit sweater that was fortunately the same pale pink as her leggings, but even with that small grace, she was a mess. Normally I don't mind if she dresses herself all crazy but I just feel bad for her when she doesn't have good things to choose from. THAT situation has been remedied, thanks to a super sale and a discount voucher. =) Coming soon: navy blue bermuda shorts with purple embroidered butterflies. Almost exactly like Crew Cuts for 1/4 of the price. =)

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Steph said...

i heart sunshine too...boy oh boy do i miss it!!! :)