Monday, February 22, 2010

Hooray for Pictures!!!

Lucky me to find out that Paul's work camera (shhh) takes the same memory card as my old one...the one that got sand dumped on it, not the one that randomly stopped working for no reason. So YAY because I was feeling weird about having four photos of my children in four weeks. =)
Okay, we have two and sometimes three birthday parties a weekend for the next few weeks. This was Kaisley's SUPER fun first birthday party. I should have taken a pic of the party room because her mom did the most beautiful job. There were green and pink ladybug cupcakes, a homemade star tipped (gorgeous!!!) ladybug cake, chocolate covered and sprinkles marshmallows to match in little flowerpots, lots of was perfect. Carly and Bree had the best time.

Bree was unstoppable!

Some dads...

OH my word. Bree went to noise-making heaven when the shakers came out. I think we might have to find her a music class in Quantico. I think she would LOVE it!!!

Rocking the balance beam. Okay, now pay attention to this skirt. Let's see how fast it shrinks!!! I don't really mean the skirt is going to shrink, I mean that I'm betting by the end of the summer it's going to be halfway up her skinny legs. =)


Michelle said...

So glad you have your camera back..I miss Carly and Bree pictures! :) And glad you and the kiddos had fun! :)

Kalyn said...

The caveman diet is looking REALLY good on you!!!!! Keep it up SKINNY!!! :)

Steph said...

oohh - I'm telling you, I can't WAIT to meet Bree!!! i love her little monkey ways! i totally want to take her and teach her gymnastics!!! :) so fun!!! and look at you with your tiny little waist!!! you're a hot mom!!!

i keep having thoughts of you living in my neighborhood (which might not even and us meeting in the AM walk Carly to school and then go for a little run! OOOHHHH - could be SOO fun!!! :)