Thursday, February 11, 2010

Electronics Drama and Plans

I still can't figure out my camera, and that is just too bad because Carly was so cute this morning. She had her Valentine shirt, pink leggings, silver tutu skirt, sparkly pink was great. We even clipped her big pink and white corker (think curling ribbon) bow onto her big pink regular bow for a grand statement in grosgrain. She looked awesome!

Someone reminded me last week that Carly's rough days are probably a lot like some kids' normal days and that I should remember that when I complain about her acting up. Well, let me just say I'm very thankful for preschool this morning and I about cried when I heard that there might be snow and no school tomorrow because the thought of wrangling an unhappy and bored Carly for another day where we can't go out anywhere...yikes.

Bree and I are headed to the playgroup Valentine's Day party this morning. Right now Bree is bringing me everything she can find and asking "Meh meh?" which means "smell?" and then she closes her eyes and says "mmmm." =)

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Kalyn said...

........that's b/c it's not a cannon. A GOOD cannon. One day you'll listen to me..... (sigh)

I miss my little Carly girl. I really do! :(