Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Foam Fingers Here

I have these phrases that I say...maybe too often?

Also, Carly is having such a hard day. Due in whole to the fact that she has been cooped up in this house for three days which is completely unsat for a Fischer girl. She's bored, unhappy, still coughing and generally miserable. Which means she's been spending LOTS of quality time with her stuffed animals, hanging out in time-out. Speaking of hanging, the child was just now swinging from her drapes, pretending to be Cliff Hanger from Between the Lions. So of course her drapes fell down and once I made sure there were no broken bones, and did my best not to laugh when she told me, so distressed, that she "just DON'T want to be on the ground any moooore," I doled out her next five minutes of time out.

She was not at all happy with that turn of events and she told me (screaming, red in the face), "Mommy! I am NOT A FAN of your words right now."


KKGhoffman said...

haha!! That is funny! I hope she feels better soon

Steph said...

haha - not a fan! too cute!!!