Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Friday

Paul is in Baton Rouge, but he doesn't have a ride home. He's waiting for the other guy in the office to get done with a few things. It's killing me that he is eight miles away!

Earlier today we went and bought ten birthday gifts for all the parties we have in the next five weeks. It's birthday season. It was extra fun, and Courtney don't worry, I didn't step on your art-supplies toes. =)

Then we went to Lowe's. I'm finally caulking behind the sink. That's so exciting, right?

Somebody invited me to join the playgroup Carly and I were in when we were in California and, honestly, uh...I don't think so. Playgroups are super when you're at home all alone and you don't know anyone, but I think this is our last go-round with them. The girls are outgrowing it and honestly there is just too much other stuff that goes along with hanging out with the same handful of people all the time, and those things are starting to outweigh the benefits of having a ready-made set of friends. I'm not talking about here...I mean, I get bits and pieces of an ocean's depth of drama but I don't know much about that I don't want to point is that, thank you for the invitation but no thanks. If you need us, we'll be at the zoo or the beach (if we get Camp P, God willing) and far, far away from the internet. =)

I had to fight the temptation to swing by the salon and squeeze my stylist today. I don't know if anyone else will notice a difference my hair but I'm having a great time with it. Stephanie did a great job. Makes me happy!

If you know of a place in Baton Rouge - or nearby - that does digital camera repairs, let me know! Kodak won't touch it w/o the receipt. Which we don't have.

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