Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cheese and Screaming

Bree is at the fun age where she's picking up new words almost every day, and starting to put things together...like this morning we were going to Whole Foods because all I ever do is buy and prepare food anymore (not that I'm complaining! I LOVE it!!!) and as soon as Bree saw the sign she started laughing and clapping and said, "CHEESH!!!"

As we were leaving, we pass the customer service desk where they keep a stock of great snacks and juice for the kids...we've stopped maybe twice but Bree knew. She started saying "Mo-me? Mo-me? Mo-me?" which started out as us teacher her to say "more please" but has now changed into meaning mostly just juice but sometimes also "give me that please." The lady had a choice between raisins and this awesome Cliff bar dried fruit rope and when Bree saw that one she started clapping again and said, "Ohhhh YAH peesh." So stinking cute!

Carly, still adorable, has had a slightly more challenging week than her little sister, but I'm blaming it on her inhalers. I'm going to ask at our followup whether this new irritability is due directly to the meds or if it's more because she's not getting enough sleep at night with all the coughing and the fact that Albuterol makes her hyper and she has to take it before bed. Hello, run-on sentence! Anyway, her story I put up on facebook so if you read that, you can skip this next paragraph. =)

We found her some cute "big girl" athletic shoes for 80% off at Kohl's (raise your hand if you ADORE that store and their sales!!!) and she went to go try on her outfit for tennis today but she couldn't get the shoes on. She had left the tissue paper in the toes and she was screaming in frustration that the shoes were TOO TIGHT! I tried to go in there to help her but she yelled that she wanted to do it herself and then spent the next half an hour screaming like a crazy person. She finally came out here but she was still all wound up and screamed and stomped and fell all over because she couldn't figure it out. Exactly one (very exhausting) hour from the time she first went in her room, she came out and let me fix the problem. Then she was all sunshine and rainbows about her new awesome shoes and we ran back and forth in the backyard seeing how fast those shoes were until the sun went down.

During all our running, Bree started Carly's old habit of dumping the sand-table water on her own head and then laughing until she fell down.


Steph said...

aaaahhh - new shoes!!! they sure do make you run faster and jump higher!!! i love that Carly still loved them even after her "issue"! :) oh, and your patience is inspiring...you are going to have to rub some off on me!!! :) (please)

Our Family of Four said...

I could never deal with inhalers either. My heart would race, my hands would shake, and I would be HYPER!!!! Call the doc and see if there is a plan B. And maybe try the "no dairy" option.

And Bree, can I have her?