Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Supervalenbowl Gras

Whew! And that was just the first two weeks of February!

Today we celebrated Mardi Gras with our friends the Hoffmans and the Yoes. Photos are courtesy of Katherine who is having sympathy on my CAMERA-less state. =) Please pardon my no makeup face! The weird itchies that were miraculously gone when I cut out flour again have left my poor face peeling and sensitive....I look like a lizard. We had a fun time! Bree was just dying to get out of my arms and take off on another adventure. She made friends with the police officers and charmed the beads off of every grandparent within grinning range.

Then we went to Grady's grandparents' house which is so totally perfect for kids. This is Grady, Carly, Lucy and Lucy's little brother Kerry all hanging out in the window seat.
I let my children have hot dogs (!), and on the way home Carly drank 32 ounces of water! That was fine by me because she stayed awake during the hourlong drive home and both girls took a glorious two and a half hour nap. We went to California Pizza Kitchen and Barnes and Noble after that and came home and jumped in bed. It's so fun running around with these two! It reminded me of Carly and my adventures in California and I'm just so thankful that Bree clearly has the get-up-and-go personality so the next time Paul has to go do some Long Work, we will be off having fabulous fun times. I wouldn't go so far as to say there is an upside to a deployment, but our adventures are a way we make it better. I think it helps Paul, too, to know that we're busy doing fun things, even when he's only in Chicago freezing his rear end off.

Carly's been coughing and coughing in her sleep, so we're going to refill her inhaler again tomorrow. Poor jellybean. She just hopped out of bed to start her music again.

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Michelle said...

So what did Carly have to say about the hotdog??