Thursday, February 18, 2010


I think I must say "what a day!" a whole lot because that's what Carly said when we finally got in this evening.

Between school drop off and about twenty minutes ago, I was at my house for exactly one hour for Bree to take her nap and then we were off again. This morning I got my hair done, which is always nice. I love my stylist, and I love that all I had to say was "not mom hair and keep the length" and she knew exactly what I meant and did that, only way better than what I pictured.

Oh and also? The male stylists and the desk clerk did an impromptu kick line which was something beyond awesome.

After school, we had about an hour to kill so I finally bought my pajamas with my Christmas gift card - such a cute nightgown-y tunic with shorts - and we played in L'Occitane for a while. My girls love to smell pretty things, and the ladies at the store loved that Bree would start shouting "MELL MELL!" and then go "mmmm" at everything. I got a little hand lotion and they sprayed the tissue with their new scent...I'm a tiny bit obsessed with it and it will probably have a place on my dresser within the week.

The news of the day is that Carly officially has asthma. Paul and I are making sure that it stays not a big deal. Carly takes vitamins to make her bones strong and now she has breathing vitamins - it's just two more steps in the morning, that's all. We got a little steroid action for a few days and a prescription for Flovent to help maintain open airways and help keep her from getting sick. We're going back in a week to make sure everything is working as it should. We're going to stop the Flovent in May and re-evaluate next fall. My expectation is that she won't have breathing issues then, but if she does, we'll just rock the Flovent until she grows out of it like her dad did.

Please don't think we're being flippant, we just happen to be raising the Princess of Drama (I've been told that I'm the Queen of Drama, which I think is just SO weird) and we don't want to her think that she's permanently injured and she can't run around and do stuff.

Bree screamed the entire time, which was brutal.

Then we went to Whole Foods, which was super. Carly picked an artichoke for her new veggie to try, and I discovered that my favorite diapers for Bree are sneaky sneaky. The price is the same and the package is the same size but there are twelve fewer diapers in there. Twelve is a LOT fewer. So now we're going back to wrecking the planet with regular disposables because I can justify paying a cent more per diaper, but not EIGHT cents more. That is crazy. That sentence sounds crazy, but it's been a long day. =)

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