Monday, February 15, 2010

Liz Fischer Is: Glad to be Home

So, it's 8:15 and we're back. Bree is napping in her room and Carly is cleaning up her playroom. This is after we stopped at Cracker Barrel for my children to eat their respective body weights in fluffy pancakes and ham after driving back from New Orleans.

Yes, we've already done all of that by 8:15. I'll do the math for you, we got up at 5:30. Paul had to get to the airport by 6:30 and he ordered a shuttle, thinking it would be easier for us and we could sleep in. Which would have been so sweet of him had he not been apparently suffering from amnesia thinking that these two children - our (usually) awesome independent sleepers - could possibly sleep at all, much less sleep late, at a hotel. Please.

What actually happened was that Carly kicked Paul all night and cried every time he tried to escape her nocturnal gymnastics and get into my bed. Each time Bree came up out of sleep cycle, she'd stand up in her pack and play and cry, causing one of our poor neighbors to bang on the wall at 3am and then they were both up like fuzzy-headed little jack-in-the-boxes as soon as Paul's alarm went off. Carly did so great helping me carry some stuff down to the car even though it was freezing and windy. The girls and I were out of the parking lot before the airport shuttle, which was probably maybe almost as frustrating for Paul as it was for me, the person who has had far too much experience juggling pack-n-plays and overtired toddlers before dawn.

But lots of pancakes for the girls and LOTS of really good coffee for me helped us out. I really hope Paul has a smooth flight; he was so frustrated at the parade last night.

But hey! We did see Drew Brees, so that was cool. Then Paul caught a bag of necklaces for Carly and we got the heck out of there. We left about fifteen minutes into the parade after waiting for two hours and I was pleasantly surprised at how very polite everyone was as we were going through the crowd. There was this Big Mama lookalike who thought she's maybe start yelling at Paul because he bumped her chair but I said a few things to her and Carly told her to "speak kindly, BIG LADY!" and well....what can you say to that?

Carly and I are going to sit down and watch Planet Earth or Disney's Planet Earth or whatever it's called that we DVR'd last night. Sorry there are no photos...again...

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