Monday, January 18, 2010

Wuv, Twu Wuv.

Owen had it bad for Carly today, but unfortunately for both of them, when you just turned three all you know to do is take away every toy the girl is playing with and jump on her whenever she sits down when what you really want to do is play camping with her. And since Owen is about the same size as Carly and a little heavier it was not fun times for Carly. Lucky for them, Kim and I were there to intervene. And the kiddos were so happy and funny playing together.

And this is where the big kids were tickling hands and Bree decided to hang out. Yes she is missing a sock and no, no one could find it by the time we left.

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Kim said...

OH MY - Owen freaked OUT when he saw this picture and is now reading in bed with Jared but is still crying "I want Caaaaaarrrrrrr-ly! I really want her!" SO.Freakin.Funny!