Monday, January 18, 2010


THE most fun! It's a long story about why, but we threw Abby a suprise half-birthday party this morning! It was WAY fun and so exciting to plan! Abby's mom Heather was so surprised, she just stared at us coming up her sidewalk with balloons, flowers, cupcakes and bunches of yummy food.

In case you ever wanted to know what Abby's dad would look like as a six month old baby:

Olivia was so sick, so Carly gave her a shot and listened to her heart and once Olivia got her medicine "it taste-ez like BLUEBERRY!" she was feeling much better.

Better enough to jump on the bed! I looooove Carly's face right here... "Oliiiiiivia, are you suuuuure you want to do that?"

All the girls playing in the playroom...Bree loved the toybox. Especially the inside of the toybox.

It's CUPCAKE TIME! I have to wait for everyone to finish loading their pictures so I can show you the one where Owen - by using both me and Kim as translators - figured out how to ask Carly if he could lay down next to her in the pretend camping. Oh my WORD that boy is in love love love. We expect it will last at least until the next time he goes to school and sees his girlfriend there.

Stuffing. Her. Face. She was alternating between salad, chicken nuggets dipped in ranch and cupcakes. Any cupcakes. She even got one away from Camryn, which is saying something because that girl is used to protecting her food from an older brother so she's gotten really good at it.

So funny. Do you love the looks on my and Jamie's faces? I don't even know WHAT Kim was telling us but we're both like, "Uh-UH on no she di'int." It took all of us a good ten minutes to clean up the floor around the table...a million kids plus cupcakes = a giant mess.

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