Monday, January 18, 2010

Me + Technology = Not Good Times

Okay folks, the camera battery is still MIA so that will be replaced this week. It is killing me that I didn't get photos yesterday at Charlie's Mardi Gras birthday and that I'm going to have to beg and borrow photos from our playdate today.

Also, if you tried to call me or text me and I ignored you, it's not because I' know, ignoring you, it's because my SIM card no longer works. That is probably due in a large part to me switching it back and forth between my old busted phone (the one with no back) and my brother-in-law's cooler full-keyboard phone which loves to freeze up in the middle of phone calls and stay on for twelve hours or until I took the battery out. That is probably due in a large part to the fact that it was me using the phone and not a normal person for whom technology is not such a problem. So that will also be replaced this week, and I'm very sad about it because I'm pretty sure it means I'm going to have to give up my beloved 760 prefix. Be watching on Facebook for the new number in the next few days.

Paul says I have selective ADD where my only symptom is losing stuff. I do wish that I could have a less expensive symptom but I am glad that I can have normal conversations and focus enough to read books.

On Saturday, Paul and I went to a Crossfit seminar taught by the guy who runs Paul's workout class during the week. It was really cool and informative and, okay I know this sounds SO twisted, but the clean lift is kind of FUN. Granted, I did it with a PVC pipe and no weight but still. You start with the bar on your calves (with a flat back and bent knees of course) and then stand up, then flip it up to your shoulders at the same time as you jump into a squat underneath it. Here's a link to the clean and jerk...I didn't do the jerk part (where her legs are in a lunge) and I certainly didn't do it with giant plates. But still, it's fun. As sick as that sounds.

Now we're off to run a few errands before our superfun playdate later. Carly is as close to me as is physically possible without actually being inside my clothes with me and Bree is trying to climb on the table. Again.

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