Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Short List of Things I Cannot Find

1) All of the decorative stuff from the shelves above my TV. I'm pretty sure it has disappeared.

2) My camera charger.

3) Our thank you cards that are already a week and a half late because I either have them OR the stamps at any one time, never both.

4) Any of our food storage containers. This one might not be my fault as I'm pretty sure most of them have migrated to Marine Corps Recruiting Station Baton Rouge...but still. I don't like wrapping things in foil.

5) An air filter the right size.

6) Dance tights that don't pick after one wash.

Some of these things are not my fault, but the ones that I'm glad that not losing and/or not forgetting things didn't make it onto my resolution list because it would be sad to completely fail so early in the year. God bless my husband and his infinite patience with me.

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