Thursday, January 07, 2010


We have a busy weekend coming up (see below), so I'm not going to have a lot of time to do this later and I said I would, so here it goes...New Goals for 2010:

1) Stop being late all the time. Work in progress...
2) More face time, less screen time. So far so good!
3) Work up a sweat every day. So far so good, even when it's freezing! Throwing kids around will get it done.
4) Be more organized about mealtimes and snacks. Work in progress...
5) Put myself last less. Harder than it looks.

We're babysitting for the next four days, and I'm excited to hang out with all these great kids. Tonight our guest's parents are going out to watch the college football championship, tomorrow our guests' parents are watching Avatar and over the weekend, our little guests' parents have to travel out of town for a funeral so the kiddos are staying with us overnight. That worked out fine because I rescheduled my date night with Paul to Sunday evening because I didn't feel like sharing him with the Eagles. If I get one night out every few weeks to be a grownup I absolutely do not want to spend that one night looking at my husband's profile and trying to keep the table from flipping over when he jumps up to yell at the TV.

So, we're busy and fun. Carly's escaping for a playdate Saturday morning and this afternoon we're going to run by Michael's to pick up some fun projects for her to do with the three other friends she's going to get to hang out with this weekend. Fun times!

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Steph said...

#4!! are you kidding me??? i think you are a rock star when it comes to stuff like that!!!

keep up the good work on your goals...can't wait to sweat it out with you in the summer of 2010!!! :)

have fun with your guest this sure are a busy girl!