Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Crazy Weekend

We had a great weekend! It was definitely busy, but I love having a house full of kids and the girls loved having so many friends to play with. Paul and I are headed out in about an hour to sit in a restaurant, but we're both a little tired so we might just stare at each other over the table. =)
Here is photographic evidence that Bree's hair did actually make it into the most edible little pontytails on Thursday morning. She made short work of those - they were pulled out and her hair looked like a haystack LONG before we made it to our playdate at the jumpy jump.

Okay. Thursday night we watched Savannah and I'm sad that the only picture I got of her was just too terrible to post. She was halfway in between smiling and saying something and she had that eyes-half-open was not cute. What WAS cute was the following - that's Bree's awesome toy from her Auntie Lisa which is a huge hit with every kid that walks into this house. I had been telling Carly why a king cake is called a king cake (because of the three kings that came to see baby Jesus...or "Jejus" in Carlyspeak).... Carly pulled the baby from the king cake and all of the animals from Bree's toy and all of Carly's Littlest Pet Shop animals came to visit the baby, too. It's pretty awesome.

Bree was enjoying raisins during the little history lesson. This girl. Whenever she likes to eat a food, she laughs. She was just cracking up as she was enjoying these yummy raisins.

Then Friday night, JoJo and Charlie came over to play while their folks saw Sherlock Holmes. Poor little Charlie just turned a year and he was just not sure what to make of Bree chasing him all around and laughing like a maniac. Here's she's trading him a plastic plate for the little wind-up can see on his sweet little face that he sort of knows he's getting the raw end of this deal.

Meanwhile Carly introduced JoJo to The Awesome Toy (no really, as soon as the kids are awake, that set is off the shelf and in action). JoJo got into matching the little animals with their pictures.

And finally, yesterday! Carly had a playdate with Jane (her bff from school) in the morning and was super excited when Addison came to pick her up! What do you do with a four year old and an almost-four year old for an entire day when it's too cold to go outside? PROJECTS! Going to Michael's was hilarious - every single person we passed looked at us for a long minute and did some mental WOULD be possible...a few commented "Four girls?!" but I think most were just a little relieved to see me in a craft store because clearly I NEED a hobby. =)

Oh and baby Harper. While the big girls were watching a show and Bree was sleeping I just sat there with the baby. Talk about delicious - she's all yummy cheeks.

Yes of course I have baby fever! I pretty much always have baby fever unless I'm in the first trimester of being pregnant because that's pretty much a miserable time of life. I mean, you're happy but you just feel SO bad SO much of the's not that fun. But any other time...especially with this happy little butterbean in my house...yeah. Loved it!


Anna said...

ha ha so when's #3 coming? :)

Michelle said...

Mental math and "clearly you need a hobby"...hahahaha! :) :)

Oh, and I love that you always have baby fever...ME TOO! Ahhhh, babies are so yummy indeed! Especially when you get to cuddle them all day and give them back for the marathon they tend to love at night! ;)

Steph said...

the animals visiting the baby...just too darn sweet!!!

and you are truly my inspiration!! you amaze me every day!!!

Kalyn said...

OMG- I mean this in the nicest way, but I just wanna pull on those little piggy tails!!!!!