Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More Getting Ready

In the minute and a half it took for me to get the one basket of Christmas decorations to the garage and the one little bag of Mardi Gras decorations inside, Bree pulled these out of a grocery bag she had turned over, crawled on the table and was trying to get them open. If anyone ever wants to know why I have mandatory color sessions with Andre the Giant every six weeks, THIS is why.

Carly helped pick out our fun little decorations - it's amazing how far $20 will go.

This sign was not included in the budget. =) AND it illustrates a point that maye I'm the only person to notice...and probably the only person who would ever be annoyed by it. The MG decorations come in pretty much this kelly green and yellow or gold. But the purples are either the reddish kind (like on the words) or the royal purple (like on the ribbon). Maybe there's some big purple controversy I don't know about, but personally I was happy to find both of them on this sign so that no matter what else we chose it would match. =)


Kalyn said...

SOOOO cute! :) It makes me want to go and decorate for it- but no one cares here. Other than then 25 and under group who just see it all as another drinking holiday.

Maria said...

she is rather cute though....