Monday, January 25, 2010

Organization Station

Oh my word, I can't wait for you to see the photos from this morning.

I went to help one of our friends go through her closet. She just needed someone there to tell her it was all going to be okay and that if you can draw smiley faces in the dust on top of your circa-2003 tan leather slides then they should probably go, oh and also that the suede loafers that look exactly like houseshoes look, you know...exactly like houseshoes. No matter how comfortable they are.

Kim did really great. She almost cried when we put away four of her seven college sweatshirts (THOSE BETTER NOT COME BACK OUT OF THE BAGS!!!!) but we finally narrowed it all down to basically red coats, wrap dresses, summer dresses, fifteen pairs of jeans (!) and a bunch of hoodies that I insisted we hang so that she could SEE them. She is officially not allowed to buy any more brown sweaters. Or button up dresses with tab sleeves. (Are you listening???)

Bree kept herself busy emptying all of the bathroom cabinets and terrorizing their cat, ignoring all of the fun toys in the living room and playroom. She practiced her climbing skills, too, and became very very attached to a particularly fabulous pair of red high heels with a ribbon trim. She kept stealing them and walking girl.

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KKGhoffman said...

She still has 15 pairs of jeans that fit... I only have 3 or 4 pairs that fit and 2 more that i hope to fit in again.
GREAT JOB ladies!! It looks awesome!